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Meet our team!


Rick Kiralfy

Chair of the Board


Fiona Mackay

Service Manager

Fiona Kennedy - Staff.JPG

Fiona Kennedy

Centre Manager

Wilma Timms - Staff.JPG

Wilma Timms

Day Service Coordinator

Team: Team

Board of Directors

Afifa Khanam
Allan Deeson
Sharon King (Treasurer)
Sarah Deighan
Sandra Moffat

Home Support Workers

Claire Hudson
David Fletcher
Emily Timms
Evelyn Kirstein
Gillian Roddam
Hayley-anne Pirrie
Isobel Prentice
Julie Young
Laurie Anderson
Natalie Connelly
Pat Johnston

Session Coordinators

Karen Dodd
Nadine Ball
Shannon Joyce

Service Coordinator

Claire Parrott

Minibus Drivers

Bob Christie
Ronnie McClean

Session Assistant

Barbara Taylor

Daniel Henderson

Team: List
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